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  • Race Date: Sunday 11 February 2024
  • Start Times:
    • Runners will be sent their Start Time
    • Race Starts from:
      • 21.1km - 06:30
      • 10km - 06:45
      • 5km Fun Run - 07:00
      • 3km Fun Run - 07:15:
  • Venue: Soetwater Resort - Kommetjie
  • Start & Finish: Soetwater Resort south of Kommetjie Lighthouse
  • Please see how to enter page.

  • Entries are limited. Enter early to book your place.

  • Entries Close on Sunday 28 January 2024 at 17:00 or once we have reached our limit.

  • Entry limit has been reach. No more entries will be taken.

  • Entry Fees are not refundable unless the entry is rejected by the organiser (less any bank charges).

  • If you are not able to enter online, please contact the Milkwood Run Team.

  • Group entries option will be available online.

  • There is a Race Number courier option when you enter.
  • Runners have the option to have their Race Number couriered to them or collect it from one of the venues below.
  • Runners will need to bring there Race Confirmation email containing a barcode that you will receive during the race week. Runners who do not provide this email will not be receive their Race Number.
  • Temp License Runners, please make sure you collect your temp license number that needs to go on your back. Runners who forget their temporary licences at home on race day will need to purchase a new one.
    • 21.1km - R65
    • 10km - R50
    • 10km Junior - R30

Race Number collection will be at:

Venue: Sweat Shop Claremont from 11:00 to 13:00 on Thursday 8th February
Venue: Run Store Belleville from 11:00 to 13:00 on Friday 9th February
Sportsmans Warehouse Tokai from 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturday 10th February
Soetwater Resort - Kommetjie from 15:00 to 16:30 on Saturday 10th February
Soetwater Resort - Kommetjie from 05:00 to 05:45 on Sunday 11th February

Please note that the start will not be delayed for Race Day Number Collections. Venue only opens from 5am. If you are unable to collect your race number please arrange for someone to collect it on your behalf or opt for the courier option.

  • Participants must stay on the left hand side of the road at all times (running with the traffic), unless instructed differently by the marshals and Traffic Officers.

  • Distance markers will be placed at every kilometre. Please see route map page for more detail.

  • For safety reasons the use of personal music players during road races is strongly discouraged. Any person using such device is in contravention of IAAF Rule 144.3(b) and if they fail to obey a reasonable instruction from a race official may be disqualified and shall not be eligible for individual prizes.

  • Open
  • Age 40-49
  • Age 50-59
  • Age 60-69
  • Age 70+

Junior Categories is under 20 years at the end of the year. Born 2005 or later. The minimum age for each distance:

  • 21.1km - Minimum age 16 years on race day
  • 10km - Minimum age 14 years on race day
  • 5km Fun Run - Minimum age 9 years on race day
  • 3km Fun Run - Minimum age 7 years on race day

Age category tags must be worn on the front and back of race vests to be eligible for an age category prize in the age category they enter.

You can get Age Category Tags from WPA or your club, or make your own (6cm x 6cm Red Print on white background).

Teams Categories
  • Men
  • Women

A valid licence must be worn front and back of vest and Club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.

  • In addition to overall (Open) Prizes, participants will only be eligible for an age category prize in the age category they enter. Corresponding numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of their club vest. Participants may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category to senior.

  • If you are completing for the overall win, you must be in the first start Batch to be eligible for overall prizes.

  • Temporary licensed participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter the relevant age group, wear the appropriate age tags and provide proof of age.

  • Temporary licensed athletes must run in plain coloured clothing without advertising with the temporary license number on the back of the vest.

  • Runners may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to senior.

  • Juniors (born in 2005 or later ie under the age of 20 at 31 December 2024) wearing a junior licence must display category tags "J" to qualify for age group prizes.

  • Age category tags must be worn (front and back) and visible for the entire race to be eligible for any age category prize including Juniors.

  • Age Category tags to be worn:

  • Category Tag
    Juniors J
    Seniors -
    40-49 40
    50-59 50
    60-69 60
    70+ 70
  • Runners need to complete the information on their entry form prior to the race.

  • Runners must give proof of their age at the request of the Race Referee (Original ID / Birth Certificate / Permanent residence Permit)

  • Licensed runners should wear club colours and a valid 2024 license on the back of their vest.

  • Temporary Licensed Runners must wear their temp license on the back of their vest

Prize Money

Men and Women Prizes money

21.1km 10km
Category 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
Open R2000 R1500 R1000 R1000 R800 R600
40-49 R500 R400 R300 R300 R250 R200
50-59 R500 R400 R300 R300 R250 R200
60-69 R500 R400 R300 R300 R250 R200
70+ R500 R400 R300 R300 R250 R200
Juniors - - - R500 R400 R300
Team - Open - Men R500 - - - - -
Team - Open - Women R500 - - - - -
Team - Open - Mixed R500 - - - - -
Team - Corporate - Men R500 - - - - -
Team - Corporate - Women R500 - - - - -
Team - Corporate - Mixed R500 - - - - -
Team - Club - Men R500 - - - - -
Team - Club - Women R500 - - - - -
Team - Club - Mixed R500 - - - - -
Team - School - Men - - - R500 - -
Team - School - Women - - - R500 - -
Team - School - Mixed - - - R500 - -
  • The official race number must be worn unaltered on the front of the runners' vests. As per the new ASA 2024 rules.

  • Licenced runners MUST wear both their licences (front and back). The race number is placed on the front over the licence number so that the licence sponsor, year and province remain visible.

  • 2023 ASA licences may be worn until the end of February. Both 2023 and 2024 ASA Licences are valid
  • Temp licenced athletes wear the race number on the front and the temp licence on the back of their vests.

  • No swapping of race numbers is permitted as the race number is linked to your name and finishing time. Any swapping may result in your disqualification.

  • Each race distance has a linked race number range and colour used to capture your data electronically. For this reason, no transfer between races is allowed.

  • Each runner will receive a Race Number with a timing tag attached.

  • Runners will be timed from the Start to the Finish Timing Point.

  • Results will be calculated Gun Time.

  • Please do not fold your Race Number as it will damage the timing tag.


No personal seconding will be permitted

The Road is closed

  • Runners are required to carry their own reusable cup or bottle or hydration pack that can be refilled at 1 of the 4 Aid Stations.

  • #RunGreen #RunClean #ICarryMyOwn.

  • Water stations will be placed at:

  • Station Distance - 21.1km Distance - 10km Hydration
    1 4km 4km Water
    2 8km 6km Water & Coke
    3 13km - Water
    4 17km - Water & Coke
  • No Littering Please. Runners are encouraged to carry their litter to the finish.

  • There will be bins provided at the Aid Stations. Please dispose of your litter within a "designated area".

  • Athletes who dispose of litter outside of this designated area shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a warning and/or a fine.

  • On finishing, participants will receive a tree sapling if they have indicated this on their entry form. This will be indicated on your race number.

  • There will be water and Coke at the finish.

  • Food and drinks will be on sale from vendors within the finish area. Family and friends can join you at the finish if they wish to.

A indigenous trees is given to all finishers instead of a medal.

When you enter you will have the option receive a tree or donate your tree to Greenpop. Who will plant a tree as part of their Forest restoration projects.

Distance Cut Off Time Elapsed Time
21.1KM 09:45 03:15
10KM 09:30 02:45
5KM Fun Run 09:00 02:00
3KM Fun Run 09:00 01:45

The Road Closure for the 21.1KM, there will be two cut-off times, to make sure we can get the road opened on time. Please take note of these times.

The finish cut-off times is 09:45am.

Soetwater Resort Intersection (Lighthouse Rd) - Cut-off time - 09:10am.

If you don't make it before 09:10am at this intersection (15.5km mark), you will be redirected down Lighthouse Road to the finish.

Prize giving will be on the grass in front of the tidal pool at:

  • 3km Fun Run and 5km Fun Run - 8:30
  • 10km - 9:15
  • 21.1km - 9:30

There will be category prizes and lucky draw prizes.

Thank you to Olympic for the three Pre Race Day Lucky Draws on:

  1. Wednesday December 2023
  2. Wednesday 11th January 2024
  3. Wednesday 1st February 2024

Entries need to be register the day before the draw (Tuesday) to qualify for the draw.

The lucky winners will be announced on these days and will need to collect their prize on Race Day.

Please note: No Race Number = No Result

Complete results will be posted on www.milkwoodrun.co.za

A tog bag facility will be available at the start. All items are stored at owner's own risk. Please ensure that your bag is clearly marked with your race number.

Please don't put anything of big value in your bag.

All parking is at the Soetwater Resort on the Lighthouse Road south of Kommetjie - Start and Finish venue. There are a limited number of parking bays at Soetwater.

Please take note that if you arrive late and must park at the entrance of Soetwater Resort, you will have a 2km warm up run to the start.

Please be in Soetwater Resort before 6:00. If you are late you will be delayed getting into Soetwater because of the Road Closure.

There will be security checking on the cars.

We would like to inform motorists, residents and runners in the Kommetjie and Scarborough that the road will be closed for the duration of the Milkwood Run Half Marathon.

The run takes place on 11 February 2024, and the race organisers are appealing to motorists to use an alternative route during the run. Please drive safely, be on the look out for runners, and obey all traffic marshals and police who are there for your and everyone's safety.

Road will be closed from 6:00 to 10:00

Runners will use the following roads, but they will not be closed to traffic.

  • Lighhouse Road - Kommetjie

For safety reasons, the use of personal music players with headphones during the road race is not allowed and may result in disqualification.

Detailed rules are available on www.wpa.org.za or on request from the WPA office.

All participants must comply with the rules, regulations and instructions given by officials, marshals and traffic officials. Non-compliance may lead to disqualification. The race organiser reserves the right to accept / reject any entry received.

Wheelchair athletes must please contact the organiser timeously to discuss arrangements for their participation.

After clearance of the appropriate payment, the Participant shall receive the Online Confirmation. No refunds shall be provided should a Participant fail to take part in the Event, for any other reason save in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Charity in their absolute discretion, which shall not include, without limitation, oversight of diary commitments, not acknowledging the full event scheduling or holidays.

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